This year on World Wide Developer Conference Apple presented the newest, 10th version of iOS for iPhones, iPad and iPods. It is a huge update which introduces many cool features and lets us - developers - better integrate our apps into the system by adding extensions and implementing newly presented frameworks.

            CoreGraphics is a powerful framework for drawing two-dimensional shapes. It is available on iOS and also on OS X when it comes to application development. It is based on Quartz 2D API which is a framework written in C language.

CoreGraphics is, in some way, connected to UIKit framework but it is more powerful and it lays on the lower layer within the OS. CG operations do not have to be calculated on the main thread comparing to UIKit and therefore drawing using this framework is much faster and it can be done in real time - effects are really impressive.

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CoreAnimation is a very powerful framework. By using CABasicAnimation, CAKeyFrameAnimation or CAAnimationGroup we can create amazing user experience and there are basically no limits. It is up to our imagination what exactly will be presented on a screen and how it will behave. It turns out that CoreAnimation can be also used with other frameworks such as CoreGraphics or CoreText, which gives a developer the ability to create amazing animations. Using CoreText with CoreAnimation we can animate every text with a chosen font type and font size. In this article I am going to present a way how to do just that.

VORM and PressPad Digital Publishing are creating a consulting and technology cluster to provide comprehensive solutions for publishers of various kinds and sizes. PressPad provides know-how in the field of digital publishing and mobile publishing technologies. VORM extends the powers of designing modern mobile software and IOT products characterized by an innovative design approach.


One of the best things in iOS programming is that there are plenty of open source libraries which can be used freely by developers. Those libraries often not only help in writing pure and concise code but also provide simple APIs which make programmer’s life easier. They are usually wrappers for some Apple frameworks like Foundation or UIKit which are exposed by developers, usually as an open source project in order to let other developers contribute to them.



Since the very beginning of science humans have longed to find ways that could let them extend their lives. Vaccines, penicillin, antibiotics, you name it – all of these are results of our desire to make our lifespans longer. Every era had its own breakthroughs and it seems like it’s time for IoT to play a part in this never ending race.

For over a year now, we’ve been working together as VORM. All the things we’ve learned over the of our last six years gave us fundamentals to improve our process and to take to the next level. We've been gathering and preparing a lot of content about our projects for whole last year and today we are presenting you most exiting cases that we had an opportuniity to work.