A Mobile Publishing Technology Cluster from VORM and PressPad Partnership

VORM and PressPad Digital Publishing are creating a consulting and technology cluster to provide comprehensive solutions for publishers of various kinds and sizes. PressPad provides know-how in the field of digital publishing and mobile publishing technologies. VORM extends the powers of designing modern mobile software and IOT products characterized by an innovative design approach.

In the fast changing reality of mobile consumerism, publishers need reliable access to a full service digital publishing software house which is able to design innovative and dedicated digital publishing technology products from a scratch.


“Content delivery is a pain these days and one of the key elements of successful investment in digital publishing is the ability to resonate with readers through relevant technology, followed by the right design decisions”, said Michael Opydo, CEO of PressPad.




While PressPad’s SaaS service fits publishers who want to go mobile in a cost effective manner, with digital flip-page print replicas, the new technology cluster opens endless opportunities for crafting custom digital publishing solutions. From brand identity to the final product.

Thanks to this new partnership, publishers will gain access to a multifunctional end-to-end consulting team and software design house capable of delivering the final product, from identifying brand strategy concept, through technology behavioral design, to world class software development.


About PressPad

A digital publishing platform bringing magazine brands to the mobile world of App Store and Google Play. PressPad supports over 2 million users worldwide and is known for its affordable mobile apps for magazine publishers and ease of use, even for publishers with non-technical skills. PressPad lets publishers focus on their day-to-day publishing life while handling everything mobile in a frictionless manner.


PressPad office


About VORM.

A technology design and innovation consultancy firm, VORM connects strategy with design thinking and the newest mobile technology, to create beautiful and useful experiences from start to finish. Brands that tell a story, digital products that engage people, and products notable for innovation.


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