Wearable device that helps parents to monitor comfort profile of their children.


Dressign kids is a challenge for many parents, they have to consider personal factors which includes clothing, personal activity and environmental factors like temerature, air speed, thermal radiation and humidity. This data combined can make the child too cold   or overheated. To encourage them to enjoy an active life and winter we developed Acti.

Acti actimel sensor app

Project developed with Young & Rubicam


ACTI iphone 6 app

What’s Acti?

Acti is a wearable device that helps parents to monitor the individual thermal comfort profile of their children in a convinient way, during outdoor activities. Acti is equiped with a hygrometer, temperature sensors and Bluetooth low energy technology.
The parents place it under the children’s clothes. When the temerature or humidity outreaches the child’s comfort zone parents get a notification on their phones. That way they know when to change the child’s clothes or have to have a break from the outdoor activities.

UX acti actimel
Actimel acti sketches

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