The micro sensor that automates life

Meet Clime

Tiny smart sensors that measure all kinds of variables in their vicinity. Paired with bluetooth smart with mobile app they create a powerful ecosystem usable in home automation as well as everyday life.

Home automation devices keep winning hearts of more and more people but their barrier of entry still stays too high. Most of these are either too expensive or overcomplicated. While designing Clime our goal was to create a device that could avoid both problems while staying as small and minimalistic as possible..

Clime ios app
Clime sensor in hand 2

Minified technology

Climes are mini battery-powered sensors that are able to measure variables such as temperature, humidity, light or motion. Setting-up is as simple as sticking a Clime sensor to a surface and letting it communicate all of its handy environmental readings to the Clime app via Bluetooth 4.0. We equipped it with a battery that can easily work for up to 1.5 years and is interchangeable.

Low cost manufacturing = low cost sensors

The first part of the design process was to make the costs as low as possible while still retaining high quality. Clime is assembled in polish factories and made of PVC which hosts all of the device’s electronic innards. Mobile application used with the device is free and accessible for everyone on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To lower the costs we separated Clime into four variants that measure different things. Thanks to putting one kind of sensor in each variant, the device gets less expansive and user can buy the only the one he or she needs.

Clime iphone app


After initial planning, we focused on making Clime sensors simple to use. It took quit a few redesigns to reach their final form but we’re really satisfied how it turned out. Sensors ended up as low weight and small devices that don’t require any special set up processes. After sticking them to a wall or any other surface they become discoverable by the mobile app and start doing their job. The mobile application itself was also made to be simple and accessible to people with no technological knowledge. Interface is clear and offers all of its features without forcing the user to get lost in hundreds of menus.


When making a house of your dreams you usually don’t want to fill it with big futuristic gizmos hanging from every wall. That’s why we made Clime so small (most reviewers even compared it to a candy). The entire visual design focuses on making it invisible. Colors are light and nonintrusive, easing the way to blend into home environment. The size allows for sticking it virtually anywhere, which helps greatly at hiding it.

Data provided by Clime can be used in many areas of everyday life. Here are some examples, but the amount of ideas is limitless.

Clime sensor in hand
Clime prototypes
Clime assembly

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