Portable medical wearable for STD testing

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According to scientific data, 500 million people get infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases every year. Hoope is an attempt to provide means for early diagnosis and information about what to do if you get diagnosed.

Whats Hoope?

An affordable, easy to use medical device that enables painless and rapid testing for the most common curable STDs in one test. Results are automatically shown in Hoope app where users can find valuable information regarding sexual health and follow up recommendations to their test results.

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Hoope is able to test for four types of STDs: syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. One of main goals when creating the device was to make the tests painless. We achieved that by equipping it with electrodes that can transmit current which blocks the painful sensation. Chemicals for denaturing blood and retractable needle help avoid the risk of creating bio-waste.

To make Hoope more affordable, a paper based microfluidic device for antibody detection was chosen. It also helps in lowering energy usage. The device itself is shaped like a ring and its body is made of light plastic.

To complement Hoope and make it truly high tech, Vorm created a dedicated mobile app that can be paired with the device. It helps users in learning more about possible diseases, sexual health and what to do in case you get diagnosed. Hoope app can even show nearest hospitals on map. Every piece of information is safe and kept private.

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