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Bluetooth based devices penetrate all spheres of human life.

We have smart toothbrushes, smart clothing, smart ceiling lamps and even smart gadgets for dogs. There is one area however that’s often omitted when designing such creations – our sexual life.  With Lovely’s design Vorm wanted to prove that it’s possible to blend the technology with the most intimate aspect of our lives and make use of it.

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Lovely sex toy on night table

Lovely was made to help couples in improving their sex life.

It monitors various movements and variables during the intercourse and then analyses collected data via a paired mobile app. Apart from storing the history of owner’s love life it also provides him or her with personalized tips and various trivia based on what it learned (such as calories burned during sex or user’s average speed). Lovely can also enhance sexual pleasure of both partners thanks to its shape and vibrating elements.

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Making it safe for the user was number one on our priority list.

To ensure there won’t be any problems with skin we decided to make it out of medical grade silicone. It can not only stretch in various ways but is also waterproof and immune to all kinds of damage. Lovely’s stretchiness allows to put it on any penis. It’s shape makes for much better erections and allows the user to last longer. We wanted Lovely to work no matter what the sexual orientation of the user is. It can for example be put on a viblator and work equally well. It was made with couples in mind but can work when used sporadically with different partners.


During the creation process we’ve decided to take inspiration from nature. Lovely’s shape is similar to a tulip or a drop of water. Thanks to that, it feels like a natural extension of user’s body. The device also feels light so it’ll never become an obstacle during sex.  We consulted various experts specializing in topics such as sex toys, ergonomics and sexology to guarantee safety and highest levels of pleasure.

The App

Apart from the Lovely itself, we were also tasked with creating its companion app. The interface is simple and easy to understand. Application can provide the user with tons of information about sexual performance, offer hints, suggest interesting positions to try out, create logs of sexual activity with charts and many other things that ultimately lead to becoming a better lover.

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lovely sex toy app main iphone

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