Interactive robot that teaches children how to code and develops along with your child.


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Photon 01

What is Photon?

The first toy robot in the history that develops along with your child. Equipped with sensors, that enable interaction with environment and offer various additional features that are unlocked along with your child’s development.

Photon robot industrial design

How does it work?

The user communicates with Photon through the “Photon-Human Translator”® (a smartphone application). The robot presents a unique story with gradually harder challenges. All stories have been developed with the involvement of educators, psychologists, and game specialists. Thanks to 13 programmable sensors you can send Photon on specific missions like going through a maze while detecting obstacles or to follow a child’s hand as Photon passes safely through hazardous lava filled cave!


Children may program the robot using a tablet or a smartphone, through an intuitive visual block language, inspired by well-known and proven languages for children – Scratch from MIT and Blockly from Google. We’ve simplified the language to create a programing engine suitable for children (e.g. complicated settings or excessive/negative numbers have been removed). Additionally it has been adjusted to the capabilities of the robot and the mobile devices it works on. The only limit will be your child’s imagination.

Photon app
Photon boys unpacking

The Design

Children were a huge source of inspiration when it comes to design and ergonomics of our creation. Yes, they pointed us in the right direction and described what their dream robot should look like. The entire interface design process unfolded with a constant participation of parents, children, teachers, and psychologists. We have made every effort to make Photon safe, attractive as well as user-friendly. You can even add new accessories to change his appearance. A top hat? Maybe a stylish dress? The choice is yours.

PHOTON Logo Color


The robot teaches young people that they have to work together to overcome challenges. When one child has problems with a particular level, the other attempts to explain what he or she is doing wrong and how to do it better. Cooperating like this positively affects children, their development and social skills.

Photon robot front
Photon robot concept sketch 13_2015_09_17
Photon accessories sketch

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