Pirx One 3D printer

Faultless, cost effective creator

Pirx 3D printer front
Pirx 3D printer closeup 2


is a Polish start-up known for creating a simple 3D printer made of wood. They got lots of praise and got featured in many tech related publications but the device still lacked something special. Creators from Pirx wanted their product to look more serious and solid and tasked us with the design of their newest model called Pirx One.

Attractive successor

To improve on an old wooden frame used in previous Pirx 3D printer we picked one made of bent steel. Thanks to that the printer not only looks better but also becomes much more durable. In fact, during tests we discovered that an adult person can stand atop of it without damaging the device. Steel walls also allowed us to improve the interior part of the printer. We were able to install system that fixes the position of the bed when you put the printer on an uneven surface and make the prints as precise as possible.

We also wanted Pirx One to look more visually attractive. Apart from its improved sturdiness the device was made to appear more streamlined and provide a geometric shape more interesting than the simple cube of its predecessor. During the design process we took company’s name into consideration when deciding on the looks of the printer. Pirx is one of heroes of polish science fiction literature (by Stanislaw Lem) and we wanted to stress that in the design by making it look more futuristic, like something used in space industry.

Pirx 3D printer side

Powerful features

Apart from the improved looks, the printer comes equipped with some new features, which greatly amount to making it more user friendly. First, we refreshed it by adding an LCD screen and a slot for SD cards. Thanks to these It became entirely possible to print  without a computer, straight from the printer. The prints are also  more detailed than before reaching the precision of up to 10 microns.

Pirx 3D printer isometric view
Pirx 3D printer closeup

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