Wallet so smart, you can’t lose it

IoT in real life.

Nothing ruins your day more than forgetting your wallet. After a rough night or when you’re overworked It’s not that hard to leave it at home or on a bar counter. Our idea for Woolet was to create a device that would help users in avoiding situations like these. With IoT market is flooded with all kinds of gadgets used to find lost things it was also a challenge to create something that would feel unique.

Useful electronics.

To answer these problems we created a smart wallet. We didn’t want to fill the user’s pocket with yet another gizmo and instead decided to integrate it into something he or she always carries, namely: the wallet. With the miniaturization of electronics, its finally possible to add them to everyday objects without making them visible. Woolet’s PCB is sewn into the leather and the user soon forgets it  even exists.

How does this work?

First you pair your Woolet with a mobile app. Since this, both of them will stay connected and measure the distance from each other. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 their contact is constant and lightning fast. When the distance gets too big your phone will notify you about it and the Woolet itself will make a loud sound. If you don’t know where you left the wallet, companion app comes equipped with a radar that shows the direction where to look . The battery is rechargeable and invisible, just like the PCB.

Woolet 07

Carefully crafted

Woolet was also designed as a traditional wallet. It’s fully hand-made with high quality leather and sewn entirely in polish factory by skilled artisans, which greatly amounts to its classic and stylish look. It’s also fully functional as a wallet. We adjusted its size to match every currency in the world while staying as small and slick as possible. Solid and careful manufacturing process makes the Woolet very durable and long lasting.  We also wanted the users to have a choice so the wallet comes in two color variations: sleek black and classic suede.

The App

Design for the app was inspired by man’s best friends – dogs. The sound made when you’re too far away from your smart wallet is similar to dog’s barking and the radar looks like a tail wagging happily in the direction where you should look. We wanted to make the device feel friendly and give the impression of a loyal friend, just like a dog. Apart from the radar, the app will also mark locations where your wallet was seen previously to let you know where to look first.

Woolet 05
Woolet 06

The System

To expand the idea of Woolet, Vorm created a whole line of products based on similar design and technology. Collection includes key holder and a smartphone case, both as sleek and hand-crafted as the original Woolet.

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